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Ladies Shoes

Guideline to measure your feet's size...

Untuk comfirmkan saiz kasut anda, ukur kaki yang lebih panjang( sebab kaki memang ada sebelah kecik sebelah besar) pada pembaris panjang. ukur dari jari kaki paling panjang. then bandingkan dengan shoe chart guidline tersebut....
1. First, lay a piece of paper on the floor & tape the edge of the paper.

2. Stand on the paper with your larger foot. Normally is the opposite of our writing hand. Meaning if you are left hander, your right foot will be slightly bigger.

3. Take a pencil to trace the outline of your foot onto the paper.

4. Draw a straight line at the END of the traced foot, another line on the tip of your LONGEST toe.

5. Use a centimeter ruler to measure the draw the edge of your leg to measure the width of your leg

6. The longest length and the widest width of your leg will be the size for your shoe. View the above shoe size chart for details.

Just a guide for you, hope it helps 

Shoes Katalog
~ Ballerina / flat shoes~

Shoe Z300 Yellow / Pink / Purple 
RM 65
Size: 34-43, (Add RM 5 for size: 40-43)
Material: PU
Heels Height: Approx. 1cm

Shoe 1693 Pink / Black / Green
Price:RM 80
Size: 35-39
Material: PU Leather
Height: Approx. 8cm

Shoe SN234 Blue / Pink
Price: RM 80
Size: 35-39
Material: PU Leather
Height: Approx. 12cm, Platform: 2.5cm

Shoe 1704 Black / Red / Beige
RM 85
Size: 34-39
Material: Leather
 Height: Approx.11cm, Platform: 2cm